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Acoustic Doors


Medium weight MDF door with MDF rails all-round, an acoustic insulated core, two vertical ribs for face support, and lock blocks on both sides.

These acoustic insulated doors are excellent for partition doors where weight is an issue and when acoustic performance is of high importance. Recommended for High Gloss finish painting.

Max Height: 3000mm

Max Width: 1200mm

Thickness with 9mm skins: 44mm

Acoustic Rating Available

RW Rating: 33*
*44mm Acoustic Insulated MDF Door. Laboratory testing was conducted in partnership with CSIRO.

Optional Extras

Morticing, vision panels, door grill cut-outs, seal cut-outs, KD edge strips, rebated meeting styles, KD rails all-round, KD top rails for sliding doors, saw groove for sliding doors.

Stocked Sizes

All Acoustic insulated MDF doors are made-to-order.


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