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Semi Solid MDF Door with 9mm Skins


Medium weight MDF door with 9mm skins and MDF rails all-round, as well as two vertical ribs for face support and a lock block on both sides.

These semi-solid doors are excellent for partition doors where weight is an issue and when acoustic performance is reasonably important. Recommended for high gloss finish painting.

Max Height: 3000mm

Max Width: 1200mm

Thicknesses: 35mm, 37mm, 44mm, or 51mm

Acoustic Rating Available

RW Rating: 29*
*44mm Semi Solid MDF Door with 9mm Skins. Laboratory testing was conducted in partnership with CSIRO.

Optional Extras

Morticing, vision panels, door grill cut-outs, seal cut-outs, KD edge strips, rebated meeting styles, KD rails all-round, KD top rails for sliding doors, saw groove for sliding doors.

Stocked Sizes
  • Height	Width	    Code
  •  2700	 900		    TDS-9 279044
  •  2700	 920		    TDS-9 279244
  •  2700	 920		    TDS-9 279244M *

    *M = mortice cut-out


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